The PurePayments Model


PurePayments core philosophy for new client acquisition is fixed upon leveraging the strength of association relationships.  This is better for the Bank because our business model is built upon maximizing the potential of an association’s member base through  professional inside team sales supported by local representation and personal contact for every member.

PurePayments has a deep understanding of both sales as a science and sales as an art.  Where the former is focused upon the numbers that lead to success, the latter is attentive to the interaction between the company and the prospect account.  Our sales process is a careful balance between these two schools,  providing faster sales cycles, more predictable results,  and perhaps most importantly,  a significantly higher yield from an association member/account base.

As a sales organization,  PurePayments is committed to executing our core philosophy by coupling our inside sales professionals with experienced field relationship partners.  This model has proven to be vastly superior to any other when it comes to delivering significant ongoing revenues from a 3rd party account base.  Our sales force and leadership team are based in a singular location providing PurePayments the tactical advantage of working together as a cohesive team.  Our associations can attest to having benefitted from unified messaging to their customers, detailed reporting,  and a significant increase to their bottom line.


As a service organization we are able to provide 365/24/7 service and ongoing support to each and every customer.  Your name as a bank will be a direct reflection of the type of service your customers receive from your relationship with PurePayments.  We take that relationship seriously!  You can be assured that with a 99.9999% Network Up-time and a support team based in the United States, that every customer of yours and ours, will receive world class service from an organization who treats service as the key to customer retention.