What Is A Gift Card?

Gift cards look like and act like a credit card, except it has YOUR store logo or name.

A gift card is purchased by the customer and activated for any amount. YOU collect the funds upfront and simply activate the card.

The card is pre-paid and services as an electronic replacement for paper gift certificates.

The customer can bring the card back and use the balance towards goods or services. Cards can be reactivated and fund can be added anytime.

Merchant Benefits

  • Increased Consumer Spending: Awareness is at an all time high! Sales can sometimes double from paper to plastic!
  • Powerful Promotional Tool: Merchants can use the cards as a tool to increase sales during slow days or promotions.
  • Increase Store Traffic: Signs and display material in your store will attract more customers wanting to buy a gift for a loved one.
  • Promotes Customer Loyalty: Merchants can use the cards to help keep the customers coming back. Example: Buy $50.00 today and get an extra $10.00 on your card.
  • Great Impulse Purchase: It has been studied & proven that consumers will tend to impulse purchase if you are promoting a product at the point of sale.
  • Replace Paper Gift Certificate: Most all merchants selling paper Gift Certificates experience problems with tracking reporting, fraud, duplicate use.
  • Slippage and Breakage: The BIGGEST reason to us Gift Cards is not to have to give customers CAHS BACK! Balances stay on cards!